Clinton to Give Speech at Manchester Hyatt?

The following is an excerpt from an article by Cleve Jones that is posted on the Huffington Post:
This Sunday, President Clinton is scheduled to give a paid speech at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego to the annual convention of a major political action committee, the International Franchise Association.

To give …

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One Response to Clinton to Give Speech at Manchester Hyatt?

  1. Sithandekile says:

    Just watched the show.Walking up to the stage, Rob dsayliped more PDA with Megan, than he EVER has with K. EVER. Wow. THEY must be sleeping together (Rob & Megan).Proof. I have proof. Watch the show. He has his arm totally around her, with affection. Somewhere, Ted C is weeping at the loss of hits on his website. Go, FoxRob!!!!!!!!!!

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